The Flated Air-Toppers boast an impressive lightweight design, making them effortlessly manageable for a single person. The use of advanced materials and engineering techniques ensures that users can easily handle the inflatable structure with minimal effort. Whether inflating, transporting, setting up, deflating, or storing, the Flated Air-Toppers streamline the process, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of a premium product without the burden of cumbersome weight.


When not in use the Air-Topper deflates, rolls up, and stores in the included bag. The small storage bag means you have more room in your garage or closet. Thanks to the Drop Stitch construction the Air-Topper is built with the best weight to strength material available, so its very rigid when inflated and extremely compact when deflated.


The Flated Air-Topper is attached to your truck bed by utilizing the 6 D-Ring and Cam Strap tie downs. The tooless tiedowns make the Air-Topper extremely secure at all US posted highway speeds. The inflation to instalation process will take you around 20 minutes leaving more time plan your next big adventure.


The Flated Air-Topper comes with 2 side tinted, 2 side screens, 1 rear tinted, and 1 front clear velcro attached vinyl windows. Once your Air-Topper is installed you can attach your windows and then zip and roll, using the velcro straps to secure them while rolled up or down.


The Air-Topper comes with 4 tie down D-rings for securing your boards, kayaks, or whatever else needs to be tied down to the roof. We also added 2 web handles for carrying your topper while it's inflated or to grab when standing on your rear tire.


The Flated Air-Topper comes with 2 side window screens that are attached by Velcro. The screens are great for air circulation, keeping the bugs out, and adding a little shade if the side vinyl window are rolled up. The center tie-down D-Ring is located on the inside of the window opening so to use this tie-down point you'll need to pull the screen out a little.


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